2016-06-18 00:11:09 by Titidagyk

Hello guys today i'm reporting to you good folks that are reading this, the thing here is that, this was my last jr. highschool year :D!(i assume you don't give a shit), and today i make my highschool admition test, and soon i will have vacations :D YEIIII, and i will try to make more cartoons on that time xD, i assume that you also don't give a shit, but hey, it'll be cool for me :D, and also during this month or thow months i don't know how much time has passed, but i've been doing a cartoon, and i can say, i really, reaaaaaally ,REALLLY, try to improve into the animation and in the sound (that's still shit because i don't have a new microphone, and i'm not a good voice actor) so maybe this animation will be uploaded into the next week or days, thanks for the feedback and all :D! 


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