Entry #6

Working on something new..

2017-01-13 00:59:51 by Titidagyk

So hey guys, i recently start practicing a lot about animation and drawing, for trying to improve my skills, and recently i start working with someone, we'll see how this goes on and if the people likes it, see you in the next cartoon :D


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2017-01-13 01:36:11

this is good well done. i have to grow up and lie down at once. i mean. yes that. but also! comic stuff! and updating and learning and being real and idk what the fuck? sorry what is life? sorry ugh, i know this one! fuck ugh, fufsd;ddfjajdf;

what is your cartoon i hope it's fuckin awesome does it have pasta in it? i had pasta for breakfast.

Titidagyk responds:

Hello little good fellow, so because you're the only one that shows interest In the post, we've decides to put you In the credits aaaaand, the cartoon is a dumb-shit idea don't have that hype for it but, i like to say that this is a good work from our part :3, it may content pasta :D, thanks for comment :3