Working on something new..

2017-01-13 00:59:51 by Titidagyk

So hey guys, i recently start practicing a lot about animation and drawing, for trying to improve my skills, and recently i start working with someone, we'll see how this goes on and if the people likes it, see you in the next cartoon :D


2016-08-22 15:02:13 by Titidagyk

So i recently came up with this idea and i just make it an animation , that i just've finished today, so if you wanna see it it's called waifus, i don't know if it's gonna get aproved on newgrounds so i will leave you a link of the animation on youtube in case you want to see it:


2016-06-18 00:11:09 by Titidagyk

Hello guys today i'm reporting to you good folks that are reading this, the thing here is that, this was my last jr. highschool year :D!(i assume you don't give a shit), and today i make my highschool admition test, and soon i will have vacations :D YEIIII, and i will try to make more cartoons on that time xD, i assume that you also don't give a shit, but hey, it'll be cool for me :D, and also during this month or thow months i don't know how much time has passed, but i've been doing a cartoon, and i can say, i really, reaaaaaally ,REALLLY, try to improve into the animation and in the sound (that's still shit because i don't have a new microphone, and i'm not a good voice actor) so maybe this animation will be uploaded into the next week or days, thanks for the feedback and all :D! 

titi is an ashol

2016-05-14 09:36:07 by Titidagyk

hey guys, quick update, i've tried to learn fullbody animation, and is a little difficult for me :T, all the videos i've seen doesn't like to me very much, so, i pick up, every usefull thing i could learn and i make an animation about it, it's short but i think that it looks mmmmm, good?

Hei gais wats up!, today i spend my day playing Ocarina of time with my brother and learning lyps-sinc for futures animation, well the thing is, we finish the first water temple (yeah, the one inside on a fucking giant fish) and before i enter to the temple i notice that all the water that came from the zora's domines to all hyrule, pass between the buthole of the zora king and his dick, well, enought OoT for me today....


2016-03-20 02:28:13 by Titidagyk

Everybody have the new Pokken, and that makes me feel sad :(, im poor folks, and the only thing that i can do for at least feel pokken close to me, is to read the twitts of KawaiiPiranha, :(, please eat me ground:(